Reuben Paul may look like any other 10-year-old. He is anything but that. Born to Indian parents, Sangeetha and Mano Paul, Reuben is the CEO of his company, Prudent Games. A black belt in Kung Fu, he is also known as “spider-ben” and “hacker”. In fact, he is the youngest person in America to have a black belt in Kung Fu.A known name in the Computer Security industry, he has been a keynote speaker in many of the computer security conferences. He has demonstrated how easy it is to hack into an android phone, all in under 15 minutes! When he is not developing apps or honing his skills in computer security, Reuben can be found engrossed in Kung Fu, Gymnastics, Swimming, Inline Hockey or Music ( he plays the drums and the piano).

Reuben has achieved in ten years what most attempt to achieve their whole lives. This 10-year-old is sure to continue making headlines!



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