Vinod Khosla (born January 28, 1955) is an Indian-born American billionaire. Known for his firm Khosla Ventures, he made his early fortune as the CEO and Chairman of SUN Microsystems, a company that he co-founded along with this Stanford University batchmates.

As a far-sighted venture capitalist, he believes that being an entrepreneur is painful and applying traditional school and traditional business metrics to innovative start-ups is the wrong way to go. He firmly believes that founders of starts ups should rather take advice from someone with similar experience than their board members.

Having invested in about 6 companies in clean technology, Khosla ventures is also one of the five largest and most active investors in the space sector. Khosla, married to wife Neeru with four kids, has also invested in SKS Microfinance, an Indian company that lends small loans to rural women who needs financial assistance.


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