The Indian Dominion, or “The Dominion” is a digital media company that provides an online platform celebrating the successes of the Indian Diaspora, considered one of the most successful groups worldwide. The Indian Diaspora is roughly 16 million strong, making them the largest population living abroad.

Founded in 2016, The Dominion highlights and profiles individuals of Indian origin for their talents, expertise, and experiences in the four broad categories of Professionals, Entertainers, Athletes, and Child Prodigies.

Two ways of being Discovered:

1) Our staff scours the internet and other sources for the best candidate in any number of categories.

2) Users help find the highest quality candidate and submit them for review.

We only feature the best of the best:

PROFESSIONALS: Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Lawyer, Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Mathematician, Professor, Teacher, Businessman, Government Leader.

ENTERTAINERS: Actor/Actresses, Internet Star, News/Weather, Model, Talent, Dancer.

ATHLETES: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Soccer, Misc.

CHILD GENIUSES: photogenic, academic, talent.

OTHERS: For any other field that is not mentioned above, will undergo review for approval.